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Do NOT pay the Ransom

If you pay the ransom - you will empower the cybercriminals. They will likely strike again and encrypt data once more. More to that - they will mark you on their list as “ransom paid”. This means that you can become a target many times. Hackers can encrypt data multiple times without much effort. They also can receive payment without giving you the key to your virus-encrypted data. Ransomware is a very specific type of malware. If you got a problem with encrypted data once, it can happen again. What we don't want from you: ransom screens, wallet address, file name. What we do need: a reference file - we need to know what type of ransomware virus we are dealing with. 
Then we can decrypt the encrypted data.

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Your encrypted data is blocked by a Ransomware-type virus - you need professional help. Most companies negotiate or pass payments to hackers. We do not endorse illegal activities. We operate by law. We use innovative methods of recovering encrypted data. We can brag about it - our score is almost 100% in the field of decrypting the encrypted data. We thoroughly analyse every case of encrypted data done by a ransomware virus. We know how to deal with ransomware and recover encrypted data.

Send us a reference file for analysis

We will make the Ransomware diagnosis for USD 0 (yes: zero). Pack a few encrypted files (5 to 100 MB) and send them to us. With these encrypted data, we will determine the type of Ransomware virus. It is up to you to decide whether to hire our company to recover your encrypted data. We update our Ransomware virus knowledge base daily. We know that every hour of downtime at work is a huge loss for your company. You will receive the result of the analysis even in a few hours. By ordering the recovery of encrypted data to our team, you will save three times - time, money and nerves. Do not let the Ransomware cause more losses - contact us.

File Decryption - Ransomware Data Recovery
Recovering Encrypted Data after a hacker attack
(Phobos, Dharma, Crysis, Cryptolocker)

Has your database been hacked? A group of cybercriminals wants to force you to pay a ransom? Or perhaps you need file decryprion service? That's risky, and can get you into deep trouble - you can't be sure you'll get your data back! Every day we update our knowledge base about computer Ransomware viruses. Thanks to this, we can protect and recover your data and act in accordance with the law.

File Decryption after Ransomware Attack


Have you fallen victim to a hacking attack? Whole months of work for nothing? Your heart misses a beat when you think how much time (and money) it will take to restore your data? Or you are considering paying the ransom but you do not know how to account for the huge cost? One false step and infecting the database with Ransomware viruses might become real. The consequences of encrypted data are frightening. It might not stop there, because you don't know if criminals will actually send you a key to decrypt your files.
Don't act in panic! You can lose three times - money, time and nerves.

You discover encrypted data. No access to files - what to do?

If you no longer have access to your database - don't panic. Fear is a bad advisor - you can increase your losses. We advise against paying the ransom - it is an uncertain and illegal path. Do not worry - you have a way out. You can recover the database in a legal way and for a reasonable price. All you need to do is contact us - we know how valuable your time is and how important your data is for your business. We do file decryption.
Encrypted data is a loss for your company - we can help you with reducing the losses.

Encrypted database by malware - a Ransomware virus - what can you do? Call us and send us a reference file. This allows us to verify what type of virus is blocking access to your database. We do not mediate in negotiations - we operate by the law. File decryption is our main service.

Encrypted database - what types can we save from Ransomware?

We are almost 100% successful in recovering any kind of database. Whether your database is SQL, MSSQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, Pervasive, MySQL, Firebird or DBF - we are able to decrypt the files and return your data to you. Each day of delay caused by Ransomware is a big loss for your company - do not wait, contact us. We act instantly. We are Ransomware Data Recovery Service (No negotiation with cybercriminals)

Why hire experts to recover encrypted data from RAID?

This is not the same procedure as the recovery of data from a regular disk. RAID has a completely different structure. Hardly any specialist has the necessary knowledge to carry out these activities. RAID data recovery is a specialization comparable to cranial neurosurgery. You need experience and skills to complete the task. This is our specialization, which is why we have such a high efficiency in this area - almost 100%. If you have a problem with RAID - contact us.

Data security and confidentiality guarantee


Nowadays, each day of life means thousands of left digital traces - we know that the virtual world exists parallel to the real world. We guarantee complete discretion - you do not have to worry about data security on the carriers entrusted to us. We use computer forensics methods only to perform file decryption service and to recover digital information. Do you need fast and discreet help with recovering your lost or virus-encrypted data? Contact us.

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