Data storage – cloud or server – significant differences

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Not so long ago, the only way to store data was to keep files on a physical device. In case of hardware failure, it was crucial to reach the experts whose speciaity was data recovery. With the development of technology, people received a new way of data storage — the cloud. Rumor says that the cloud is 100% reliable, but this is a myth. Cloud computing is also exposed to data loss, sometimes it's irretrievable. What are the differences between using the server and the cloud?

Files on the server – is RAID array safe?

Both companies and individuals use a RAID array (in the home version it is NAS). To put it simply, it's a kind of “storage” consisting of at least two drives. If one disk fails, the data is still available. The more disks a RAID array has, the less likely it is to lose data, even in the event of errors or damage to half of the drives.
If the entire database is encrypted by the Ransomware virus, your data is unavailable. You definitely need help from specialists. Decrypting files requires professional knowledge and experience. Trust us, trying to restore access to the data on your disks will only make matters worse. There is a high probability that an inexperienced user will restore factory settings or overwrite data. Certainly, decryption of files seized by Ransomware virus will not be successful.

Is it worth using a RAID array server?

Your own server has its advantages, i.e. — it is physically available, and you can modify it (if necessary). Note that RAID is a structured architecture — you cannot freely juggle the disks on the device. For security reasons, it is best to use drives from different manufacturers, or at least from different batches of the same company. It's a matter of the lifespan of the drives — those from the same series may stop working at the same time.

Data cloud — does it provide greater security?

The cloud is a very comfortable solution. No doubt about that. Files are available from any place and device — all you need is access to the Internet. You don't have to worry about data encryption, physical servers, software, and other stuff. This does not mean that the cloud is 100% reliable — the responsibility for all functions is on the provider's side.
Watch out, clouds can also be hacked. This is often due to the carelessness of users. For example, they use the same password for many services — if it is stolen by a hacker, the entire cloud can be encrypted. Decrypting files in the cloud requires different steps than decrypting files from a database or a single device. The user does not have access to servers/disks — the procedures must be carried out with the provider. It happens that some data is lost forever.

Server, i.e. RAID array or cloud - what to choose?

What to choose? It depends on your expectations. You want to be able to access your files from, anywhere? Do you need tools on which the entire team works at the same time? The cloud is a good solution, just remember to choose a decent provider.
Google and Microsoft are giants, so you can expect your data to be safe. On the other hand — everybody knows that Google rules the Internet. So, unless you spend a long time on privacy settings, you will give the company a lot more data about yourself than you think. In the event of a massive server failure or a large-scale hack, you will have trouble recovering your data.
The server is more vulnerable to Ransomware attacks, and you are the gateway for it. On the other hand — we will help you faster and easier in the case of Ransomware attack. You physically have the disks at your disposal, so you can send them to us by courier. The issue of security is on your side, so be sure to take care of the appropriate software. This way you will minimize the risk of data loss. In case Ransomware encrypts your files — contact us. Data Magnet — we are on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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